Meet McMinnville Volume 1: Ross & Company

Part of Visit McMinnville, TN is helping all of you get to know what McMinnville is all about! To begin this, we'll be posting a small collection of interviews here on our blog with local business owners and members of the community to help you connect with us even more! We talk to them about their wants for McMinnville, their own personal perspective...and of course, their loves of McMinnville. Our first interview is with Christy Ross of Ross & Company! We'll let her tell you all about it...

VMTN: So tell us a little bit of Ross and Co's story! Where are you located, what do you do, and how did this all start? Tell us a little bit of your "origin story"! 

CR: We are located at 120 E. Main Street. We are a Barber/Salon that is geared toward men (hot towel shaves)but also offers women's services (cuts/colors).  

When I decided to move back home after being in Murfreesboro for the last 15 yrs I wanted to offer something no one else was offering. As far as I know no one had offered mens shave in about 25yrs. I wanted to bring vintage barbering back to Mcminnville in a historic setting. Ross and Company is housed in a pre civil war home that in the 30's, 40's and early 50's was a barbershop. 

 VMTN: With you being downtown, you somewhat have a window to McMinnville throughout it's many changes as of late. What's your favorite new (last 5 years) piece of McMinnville?  

CR: When I first opened the shop 5 yrs ago it was mostly law offices and empty spaces. On any given Saturday 5 cars might pass thru over the course of an hour. Then something wonderful happened... a couple more cool places opened up and downtown became the place to be. We had the help of Mainstreet McMinnville, the Downtown Business Alliance and City Government working very hard to bring about the changes needed to breath life back into our beautiful downtown.  Now the streets are buzzing with all kinds of folks from all over. The Park Theater has made a big difference and it will only continue to help grow our city. 

 VMTN: If there was one thing you could pick to bring to McMinnville (stores, eateries, etc), what would it be?  

CR: That's an easy one ... Hotels! We are growing in all the right ways between Bluegrass Underground, the Park theater, River options and McMinnville making several "places you have to visit" list we need more places for people to stay. Sadly many folks choose neighboring counties. I would like for those dollars to stay here. 

Photo courtesy of Ross & Company's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Ross & Company's Facebook Page

VMTN: Why should folks visit McMinnville, TN? 

CR: We have it all ...Great music, great outdoors, great food and friendly faces. Only thing missing is the traffic!! THANK GOODNESS!! 

VMTN: Why do you love McMinnville?  

CR: As beautiful as the landscapes are and as great as the music is, what makes McMinnville unique is the people. The friendliest most welcoming people in the whole world just happen to live in this little town of ours. It has been deemed "your hometown away from home" ... I just can't think of a better way to describe McMinnville.  

~End Interview~

We want to thank Christy Ross of Ross & Company for taking the time for this interview! Keep your eyes open for upcoming interviews soon! Thank you for reading-Visit McMinnville, TN