Meet McMinnville Vol. 2: Depot Bottom Brewery

Up second, we have McMinnville's new brewery, Depot Bottom Brewery! Thank you for taking the time to give us insight into your new place. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us! 

VMTN: So tell us a little bit of Depot Bottom Brewery's story! Where are you located, what do you do, and how did this all start? Tell us a little bit of your "origin story"!  

DBB: So Depot Bottom Brewery is located at 303 East Main Street. We make, sell, educate, and do just about everything beer related. We produce beer to sell on site. We also have a home brew shop to provide supplies to all the budding brewers in the community, while providing classes that range from the basics all the way up to letting homebrewers talk to professional brewers in the area.  

My wife actually brewed with some friends in college, and she got me a basic brewing kit our first Christmas together. We've been homebrewing for six or seven years now. The brewery started as an idea coming up around 3 years ago as a result of sharing our love for beer and all things brewing with friends and family. That dream is quickly becoming a reality. 

VMTN: Let's toss a question out for the Craft Beer fans. There sure seems to be a lot these days in Tennessee. What are some of your favorite Craft Breweries and what do you love about them? What do you find inspiring about them, and what do you think sets you apart?  

DBB: Local breweries are our favorites. We really enjoy all the smaller breweries that have been popping up, from the ones up in Cookeville all the way to Tullahoma. The small town breweries are unique in that none of us had a ton of money to start a brewery with. What drives all of us is our love for beer, and to push each other to create delicious beverages that we all enjoy. We have had the pleasure of meeting several of the other brewers in the area, and it has always been a great time. The craft beer community is one of our favorite parts of the industry, everyone is super supportive, it's very much "You're starting a brewery? Oh awesome, maybe people will like your beer, and it will make them want to try our beer too!" Each brewery in the area brings its own thing to the table, our thing will hopefully be a focus on delicious beer (of course) but also educating beer lovers on styles, glassware, and different ingredients, and every beer will be tied to something geographic or historic about our town.  

VMTN: If there was one thing you could pick to bring to McMinnville (stores, eateries, etc), what would it be?   

DBB: We really just want to continue to see downtown grow as it has these past few years, the increasing number of locally owned restaurants, shops, and other businesses is outstanding. We love seeing that draw to our city, and we love to see others invest back into McMinnville in that way.  

VMTN: Why should folks visit McMinnville, TN?   

DBB: It's a beautiful town, lots of things to go do and see. It's a great place to get away from the hustle of a bigger city. Whether you're looking for history, outdoorsy activities, something artistic, or just a quieter place to be, McMinnville has got it. We just hope we can add to that. 

VMTN: Why do you love McMinnville?   

DBB: We grew up here, we've pretty much lived here our whole lives. We're now raising our own kids here. This is our home, and we want to see it thrive like we know it can. 

~End Interview~