Meet McMinnville Vol. 5: Good Ol' Sloppy Top

Number 5 finds us catching up with part of McMinnville's very own Good Ol' Sloppy Top! McMinnville is slowly, but surely, building up a force of food trucks and GOST is one of the main trucks leading the charge. We catch up with Matt Pelham below....

VMTN: So tell us a little bit of your story! Where are you located, what do you do, and how did this all start? Tell us a little bit of your "origin story"! 

MP: Danielle and I had talked for a while about opening our own restaurant (mainly because we wanted to work for ourselves) but we wanted to do something that wouldn't cost a fortune and would be "low risk." So... the idea for Good Ol' Sloppy Top was born! We started looking for a trailer, found one, bought it (that day we found out we were having a baby), fixed it up how we envisioned and took a chance. 

VMTN: What would you say makes you unique compared to other food trucks and eateries in McMinnville? What's your "signature flavor"? 

MP: We try to do something different. When we started the truck a lot of ideas were tossed around about what type of food we would serve. The only food we knew unanimously we would not serve is BBQ. We feel like McMinnville needs options. We try to take things that people are familiar with and elevate them in some way, to make them more interesting and/or unique. We try to push the boundaries a little. We've noticed that a lot of people are excited to try new things and that's what we hope to offer. 

VMTN: If there was one thing you could pick to bring to McMinnville (stores, eateries, etc), what would it be?  

MP:  I would love to see the Sound Shop back in the Three Star Mall! I used to spend so much time and allowance, that place was awesome!

VMTN: Why should folks visit McMinnville, TN?  

MP: Why shouldn't they?!? This place is pretty sweet! We've got trees, a great farmers market, great musicians, all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet, BBQ, fro yo, a great/affordable movie theater, the Park theater, a jammin' city pool, one of the best venues in the world (Cumberland Caverns), a Taco truck, Mexican popsicles, and nice folk. 

I'm not even scratching the surface...

VMTN: Why do you love McMinnville?   

MP: It's home.