Meet McMinnville Vol. 4: Cumberland Biscuit Company

Our next stop on our small tour of McMinnville (keep in mind this is just the surface of all McMinnville has to offer, can you believe it?) is none-other than the new breakfast joint: Cumberland Biscuit Company! We reached out to Matt Sands of this beautiful new hot spot to get the low down on all things Cumberland Biscuit Company...

VMTN: So tell us a little bit of Cumberland Biscuit Company's story! Where are you located, what do you do, and how did this all start? Tell us a little bit of your "origin story"!

MS: The Cumberland Biscuit Company is located at 114 W Main Street in beautiful downtown McMinnville, TN.  We serve breakfast Tuesday thru Sunday from 6:30 - 11:00 (T-Fri) and 7:30 - 2:00 (Sat-Sun).  Two of our specialties are chocolate gravy and eggs benedict; served separately of course.  

So how did this all start?  We are a small family owned business who love people, love McMinnville, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.  So first, our love of people and McMinnville is what brought us to downtown when we opened TOPZ.  

We wanted to create something special with a fun atmosphere to draw people back downtown. Our desire for Cumberland Biscuit Company was the same.  To create something special for downtown that not only brings good food but a good atmosphere and high lights some of our touristy attractions.  

Can you name the location of the four photos in the Cumberland Biscuit Company?  As I said we take advantage of opportunities and when 114 W Main Street became available, we took it.  We struggled as to what type of restaurant we wanted but in the end the decision came down to one thing, we love breakfast.  And, with the exception of Hardee's, breakfast was missing downtown.

VMTN: Topz, then Metro Deli, and now Cumberland Biscuit Company! Phew, ya'll are busy. You also have the privilege of being a new McMinnville hot spot THREE times! How has McMinnville's downtown changed from the day Topz opened to now? How do you feel you have contributed to the growth?

MS: THREE times, that's awesome!  July 18th was our three year anniversary at TOPZ.  We did a soft opening 4th of July weekend in 2014 and opened our doors serving froyo to the community on the 18th.  When we first opened, the Park Theater had not reopened and most of the retail stores were closed by 2:00 pm.  Some retail stores didn't even have regular hours so no one knew when they would be open or not.  

In three short years we've seen downtown come alive again.  There are movies, plays, concerts, shopping, pet grooming, jujitsu and more.  Oh and one of the most beautiful Christmas light displays in Tennessee.  It's been great to be a part of the growth.  With TOPZ we wanted to create something unique and worth visiting downtown for.  We take pride in our community and we hope it shows in what we create.  

That pride and uniqueness is a big part of how we feel we have contributed to the growth.  We bring something different to the table but something that brings people downtown.  In addition, to working downtown, all of the owners are involved in organizations that benefit our community.  From Main Street McMinnville, the Park Theater Group, to coaching little league ball teams, life is about giving back and we strive to do that.

VMTN: If there was one thing you could pick to bring to McMinnville (stores, eateries, etc), what would it be?  

MS: A good Outdoor shop.

VMTN: Why should folks visit McMinnville, TN?

MS: It's breathtakingly beautiful!  Plus we have hiking, kayaking, spelunking, unique shopping, fun eateries, Bluegrass Underground, a beautiful downtown, and the Park Theater.  

VMTN: Why do you love McMinnville?

MS: The people are genuine and the views are beautiful.