Health & Well-being

McMinnville is home to a vast variety of ways to keep you in shape: Be it spiritual, mental, or physical!

McMinnville is home to a plethora of physical, mental, and spiritual health activities and opportunities including walking trails, parks, yoga classes, martial arts classes, biking trails, sports areas, Isha, and much more.

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McMinnville is also home to various churches and worship centers, areas for mindfulness, wholeness, and reflection. The following is a list of a select few:

  • First United Methodist Church (200 W Main Street)

  • St. Catherine’s Catholic Church (1024 Faulkner Springs Rd)

  • St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (105 Edgewood Ave)

  • Central Church of Christ (101 East Morford St)

  • First Baptist Church (403 N Spring Street)

  • First Presbyterian Church (203 W Main Street)